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Roald Dahl's The Great Switcheroo - Penguin Audio Book (Approx 5 mins)
Published in 2012
The McKinnon Extradition - BBC Radio Drama 2007 - Sergeant Brent Pack (Approx 1 min)
First broadcast December 2007
Called To Account Clip 1 - BBC Radio Drama- Richard Perle (Approx 25 sec)
First broadcast July 2007
Called To Account Clip 2 - BBC Radio Drama- Richard Perle (Approx 15 sec)
First broadcast July 2007
Called To Account Clip 3 - BBC Radio Drama- Richard Perle (Approx 15 sec)
First broadcast July 2007
Called To Account Clip 4 - BBC Radio Drama- Richard Perle (Approx 40 sec)
First broadcast July 2007
Dick Spanner - (Approx 6 mins)
First broadcast December 1986

Shane Rimmer as Maj Thomas Brennan in the short film Half Moon

Shane interviewed on Sky News about the launch of the Thunderbirds stamps (Courtesy of Sky News)

  Shane Rimmer - Long Shot Shane Rimmer - Long Shot

Gene Tucker, once an odds on favourite to capture the title of ‘Young Golfer of the Year’ was knocked out of the running by a devastating car crash on a West Virginia highway – his golfing career appeared to be over. He was reduced to running a driving range, giving golf lessons on the side. His involvement in the Pro Game appeared over. He was running on empty.

A dynamo Washington lobbyist Victor Laski controls the financial consortium that has just developed the latest and most lavish championship golf course in Northern Spain, bordering the Pyrenees Mountains. The course is Campos Ciela.

Out of the blue, Tucker receives an offer to manage the Opening Day tournament. He takes on the contract and with it a brimful of murder, Spanish nobility intrigue, a diehard group of Basque dissidents whose aim is to protect the ancient rights of their land and a young Basque renegade, Ramos, who is bent on wiping out the future of Campos Ciela and Gene Tucker as well.

From a savage murder in a London car park to another killing during the Opening Day tournament in Navarre, it’s a deadly business...

Long Shot marks Shane's first foray into fiction, although he is already an established and respected TV writer with writing credits in classics such as Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and the Protectors.

Long Shot is a thriller set in the world of golf in the 1980's and is the first release from Shane Rimmer Publishing and is available now as an ebook from Amazon.

For more information or to purchase the ebook click here

  Shane Rimmer - From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls Shane Rimmer - From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls

Shane Rimmer’s voice is familiar to millions from his role as Scott Tracy, the pilot of Thunderbird 1, but there are many other facets to his remarkable career.

In From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls Shane recalls the years he spent as an actor, voice artist and writer for Gerry Anderson’s classic productions, as well as his appearances in other memorable shows such as Doctor Who, Coronation Street and Lipstick On Your Collar.

Equally at home in Star Wars or Out of Africa, Shane’s talents as a character actor have been called upon by some of the film industry’s leading directors. He worked for Stanley Kubrick in Dr Strangelove and Christopher Nolan in Batman Begins. Between the two he notched up appearances in three James Bond movies and had a close encounter with a low-flying dinosaur in The People that Time Forgot.

This wry and refreshingly frank autobiography sheds new light on some of the best-loved films and television series ever made, as well as revealing what life is really like for a jobbing actor in the sometimes less than glamorous world of showbusiness.

Signed copies of From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls can be purchased from Shane's official website here


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